My gun making career began as an apprentice as a gun and rifle maker with the well known German firm Kuchenreuther  that was established in 1648 in the bavarian city of Cham.

Traditionally in Germany apprentices are required to make a firearm from the "block" to receive the coveted gunmaker diploma.  My diploma piece was a single barrel sidelock rifle built from the "block"; metalwork and wood work.  This sidelock rifle was awarded the First place award of all apprentices in that year's graduating class. I continued my apprenticeship with several other gunmakers and a tool and die shop where I became experienced with CNC Machinery.

The most valuable was the time I spent with the well known Wyoming Gunmaker Roger M. Green.  In his shop I had the opportunity to study different and innovative ways of building  high quality guns.  For example:  American gunmakers methods of checkering and finishing gunstocks.  I was honoured to be part of the team building a 16 bore side by side for the President of the USA, George H.W. Bush. I was responsible for much of the true left hand internal workings as well as styling the metalwork.  In 1993 I completed my master gun and rifle maker degree and set up my shop in the beautiful and historical Bavarian Alps city of Mittenwald.

Whenever time permits I hunt in the surrounding mountains, occasionally I have been able to hunt in more remote countries.

My favorite rifles are a bolt action takedown rifle with a Mauser action 30-06, a Mauser takedown in .375 H&H, and a turnblock  rifle in 7 x 75 R SEvHofe

Mission Statement

In my workshop, it is my personal commitment to build hunting guns that are technically correct and 100% reliable.  Your custom gun is crafted as team work where you are an integral team member in the design of your masterpiece.  Your masterpiece will be a blend of modern technology and time honoured traditions of the gunsmith’s trade.

A custom hunting gun is a prized possession for many generations. There are few objects that combine luxury, tradition, craftsmanship, modern technology, elegance and beauty, whilst at the same time being required to function uncompromisingly, even in the most adverse circumstances as does a fine hand-crafted firearm.

 For instance, a bolt action rifle with an original Mauser action, you will find components as diverse as modern steel, walnut (Juglans Regia) from around the world, ebony from Central Africa and an action developed in the 1800’s by the Mauser brothers. All these components will be assembled with the highest technical precision and at the same time moulded by the artisan’s hands after hundreds of hours of loving care into a firearm masterpiece of a lifetime.

Every firearm masterpiece has its individual legacy with no other exactly the same. A hunting gun’s history starts with the first technical concepts, the choice of calibre, selection of materials, and continues with individual hunting events and experience. In time there will accumulate traces of use that servers to increase the legacy not diminish the value of a masterpiece. These marks of honour are but a history and testament to the quality of a well built gun.

Owning a custom-made firearm, exclusively made for you, brings personal pride of ownership, memories of hunts made, trails trekked and the dreams of yet another day afield with a time trusted friend.
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